wooden pergola posts splitting

splitting up, cracking down: understanding "checking" | western

aug 17, 2015 ... checking is a natural lengthwise fissure of the wood/timber along the grain similar to a groove or fissure in an organ such as ... post checking.【Get Price】

the guide to check posts and splits | country lane gazebos

we'll answer your questions pertaining to check posts and splits found in a wood structure the changes in a wood structure and explain why wood "checks."【Get Price】

why do timbers split and crack? - carolina timberworks

jun 23, 2016 ... eric morley on why timbers split and crack, how long it takes timber to dry, ... splits and cracks (known as 'checks' in the industry) occur when...【Get Price】

evaluate cracks & splits in wood beams or posts or in log homes

also see rot, timber frame for discussion of cause prevention during ... how to evaluate cracks or splits in wood posts, beams, or logs such as in a log...【Get Price】

splits & cracks in 6x6 posts - professional deck builder forums

fat fingers caused me to double post this entry - woops! ... it will either fall out, or the wood pushing on the filler due to changes in .... i had one pergola a few years ago where the owner had already purchased his materials.【Get Price】

retaining wall timber posts are splitting - landscaping & lawn

hi, i have a problem with the treated pine h4 posts i used with the retaining wall that i built. these have only been in for about a month and...【Get Price】

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sep 16, 2014 ... how to repair splits, cracks and shakes in allkinds of timber using the diy doctor trickof the trade and mixing different colouring agents with the...【Get Price】

how to prevent cracks in your large timbers - j gibson mcilvain

little will prevent this but it won't change the structural integrity of the timber. ... to be sitting on your deck and actually hear the popping and cracking of the posts.【Get Price】

cracks in 6x6 posts a concern? | houserepairtalk

i recently had a contractor build an overhang on my back patio. ... http://homeguides.sfgate.com/fix-large-crack-wood-support-deck-30922.html ... the post is under compression, not side loaded so the checking has no effect...【Get Price】

cracking and splitting in timber - tuindeco international bv

the timber starts to exhibit cracks and splits where it further dries out from it's ... here's my post again showing a crack top to bottom, this is a radial split as above...【Get Price】