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Xu Xiaodong accepts challenge to fight Zheng Zhaoyu after Chinese

MMA fighter Xu Xiaodong has laughed off a Chinese kick-boxer's claim he could denouncing last weekend's bout as a fight between a “madman and an idiot”. . who have significant height and reach advantages – appear to wipe the floor 【Get Price】

Chinese entrepreneur stumps up US$1.45 million purse to defeat

May 5, 2017 Gone in 10 seconds – Chinese MMA fighter wipes floor with Xu Xiaodong says he wants to expose 'fake' traditional martial artists. No question,” Xu, nicknamed “madman” by fans for his ruthless fighting style, told the 【Get Price】

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Jul 19, 2011 According to A dictionary of slang, jargon and cant by Barrère and Leland (1897), it means that "one man has thrashed another so completely 【Get Price】

Tai Chi master is knocked out in 10 seconds by MMA fighter Daily

May 2, 2017 Wei Lei challenged Xu Xiaodong to a fight to prove his Tai Chi is not a scam; The two MMA fighter wipes the floor with renowned Tai Chi practitioner 'Mad Man' for his controversial comments on traditional martial arts.【Get Price】

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A - "Brazil will still prevail without Neymar". B - "Germany will wipe the floor with them". #defeat#victory#thrash#humiliate#dominate#germany#brazil#semi-final# 【Get Price】

Gone in 10 seconds – Chinese MMA fighter wipes floor with 'thunder

MMA fighter Xu Xiaodong wiped the floor with tai chi master Wei Lei when they Hong Kong goes 'mixed martial arts' crazy and you don't even have to fight.【Get Price】

There's A $1M+ Purse To Beat This MMA Fighter -- Unless The

May 11, 2017 Last week, a video of Chinese mixed martial artist Xu “Madman” Xiaodong wiping the floor with purported tai chi master Wang Lei went viral 【Get Price】

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Define wipe the floor with someone (phrase) and get synonyms. What is wipe the floor with someone (phrase)? wipe the floor with someone (phrase) meaning, 【Get Price】

Tai Chi Master vs MMA Madman!!! FANTASY VS REALITY & Blind

May 5, 2017 Tai Chi Master vs MMA Madman! What inspired this video was a recent fight in which a Tai Chi Master fought Xu Xiaodong an MMA fighter in 【Get Price】