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Discovering the 6 Italian Restaurant in London for a Perfect Dining Experience

Posted by on Jul 21, 2016

In London, there are so many people who love Italian cuisine. In fact, they now have a very unique identity today not just in United Kingdom but in all places around the world. If you have heard, there are so many Italian cuisine which evolved to make it taste good but the authentic Italian flavor still remains despite the evolution. There is something about the Italian food that people keep coming back for more.

This article aims to feature the top 5 different Italian restaurants you can find in London which offer so many great dishes from pizza to pasta and their amazing wine collection. Here are the top picks you need to check out:

  1. Caldesi in Campagna

Old Mill Lane, Bray, Berkshire is there exact location. The chef is Tuscan that brings you not just the specialty from Tuscany but also the dishes coming from Sicily and Liguria. Giancarlo Caldesi, together with his wife Katie and the whole team will serve you fine dishes just to give you an enjoyable dining experience. The food options are 100% delicious. Plus, their service is impeccable that you will really feel you are at home. They also offer Sunday lunch so you and your family could savor not just good food but the bond within you. Caldesi in Campagna also offer cooking courses to those who want to learn how to cook Italian dishes at home.

  1. Mele e Pere

This is one of the traditional Italian restaurants that specialize in rich meat, cheese and wine-led dishes. They are originally coming from Northern Italy. You will be surprised with their uniquely flavored salads, anti-pasti, pasta and desert which are presented in a very classy and mouth-watering way. If you want to try a good Italian food with excellent value, then try this restaurant. Very good and accommodating service is offered to everyone who dines!

  1. Polpo

Polpo is a restaurant who is very popular with their Venetian-inspired cuisine. All their food are anchored in Italian tradition and good, quality ingredients. The chef and its team are very expert in in offering all the best courses just for you. They always explore new things and seeks more to find something different to offer you. Few of the most sumptuous food that you should not moss are there meatballs, stews and pasta. Of course, it would never be complete without their specialry cocktails and Italian wines.

  1. A Cena

Located just in 418 Richmond Road, Twickenham. You will definitely enjoy a class A scale food in a very sophisticated candlelit room. The ambiance perfectly matches the great food that they are offering. So, if you are looking for an authentic Italian restaurant with great dishes and wine, then check out A Cena. They always have something for you in every occasion from the most classical wine and best Italian pasta to the meaty food selection. They aim to bring good food all packed with simple and unforgettable pleasure to your taste buds.

5. La Ballerina

Great Pre-Theatre location (italian restaurant covent garden), La Ballerina Covent Garden are personally highly recommended. Authentic Italian with an amazing location.

6. L’anima

Nothing beats their homely Italian cuisine and flavorful Italian menu classics. The chef and the rest of the team are very experienced in bringing to you their specialties such as slow-cooked pasta dishes and grilled meat and fish. You can enjoy more their cuisine by the restaurant’s red and white wines. Be prepared to keep coming back for more after tasting the delicious food anchored by real Italian cooking style.

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7 Ways In Which Travelling Changed My Life

Posted by on Mar 7, 2016

7 Ways In Which Travelling Changed My Life

A lot of people claim that traveling is their life, but if you haven’t been bitten by the traveler’s bug, so to say, you might having troubles comprehending this. In addition to that, I have been utterly blessed with all these amazing opportunities to travel, and I am completely aware that not everyone is in this situation. Still, I confidently claim that traveling changed my life and for the better, too! Here are seven ways in which I have been transformed by my traveling experiences.

1. I Visited New Places

Since I have had quite the opportunity to travel, I have managed to visit a lot of places people dream of visiting their entire lives. I have seen the pyramids in Egypt, drank café latte in Paris, taken strolls in Machu Picchu, walked down the Wall of China, I sat on the banks of Venice, seen sunrise in London, hailed a cab in New York, roamed the busy streets of Baghdad, and many more. All of these places were new to me, and thus exotic and different and unique and special.

2. I Learned A Lot

During my traveling, I always visited as many museums as I could, and tried to see the important sights and learn the history of the place I have visited. I could confidently say that I learned more history and geography than I ever did in school!

3. It Changed My View Of The World

People cannot be put in a box, neither can places. It is easy to have prejudice if you have not had contact with people. Honestly, traveling changed my perception of people and the world, as well as the planet we inhabit.

4. I Met Different People

Meeting different people made me understand different points of views, religions, and political situations. I feel so blessed I have had this amazing opportunity to meet new and interesting people all of which have their own stories and universes. Exploring them makes me feel amazing.

5. I Have The Best Memories

I truly believe that because I have traveled as much as I had, I have the best memories. Our lives come down to our experiences and memories and when I look back I am so proud I have had the most unique and amazing experiences I can tell my grandchildren someday!

6. I Feel Like I Have Experienced A Lot

I feel like I’m much older than I really am because I have had these unique opportunities to travel and see the world. Still, even though I feel like I have experienced a lot, I am still aware that there are so many things to be seen and yet found and experienced!

7. I Have No Regrets

I regret nothing I have done or haven’t done in my life, precisely because I have seen the privileged and as well as those who are not as lucky. We are lucky to be alive and happy and healthy and if we can travel to meet new people and experience new things, all the better. But you don’t have to travel across the world to find new experiences, start with visiting the town nearby, or a local museum – you will be amazed by the things you can learn and experience in your close proximity!

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